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        1. La nuova amministrazione comunale ha deciso di cancellare il Montagnana Music Village, evento che in 10 serate coinvolgeva circa quindici gruppi composti esclusivamente da ragazzi di Montagnana e dintorni oltre ai 10 gruppi big, per dare spazio al Montagnana Summer Festival, evento che in 5 serate presenta solo realt脿 extraterritoriali. Secondo te 猫 stata una scelta giusta?
        2. La + Popular Vespertino
        3. La + Sexy Vespertino
        4. La + Fresa Vespertino
        5. La + Buena onda Vespertino
        6. La + Noviera Vespertino
        7. La + Bonita Vespertino
        8. La + Estudiosa Vespertino
        9. La + Deportista Vespertino
        10. La + Popular Matutino
        11. La + Sexy Matutino
        12. La + Fresa Matutino
        13. La + Buena Onda Matutino
        14. La + Noviera Matutino
        15. La + Bonita Matutino
        16. La + Estudiosa Matutino
        17. La + Deportista Matutino
        18. L峄沺 m矛nh th铆ch 膽i du l峄媍h v脿o kho岷g th峄漣 gian n脿o ?
        19. Lapis or Gray
        20. Le mappe concettuali ti sono servite?
        21. Le verifiche rispecchiano quanto spiegato in classe?
        22. Le spiegazioni in classe sono chiare?
        23. Laboratorio progettazione
        24. Laboratorio immagini 3D
        25. Laboratorio illusioni ottiche
        26. Le sezioni
        27. Laboratorio composizione
        28. Laboratorio arredo casa 3D
        29. La plastica
        30. Laboratorio origami
        31. Laterizi e prodotti ceramici
        32. La carta
        33. Le propriet脿 dei materiali
        34. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 8
        35. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 7
        36. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 6
        37. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 5
        38. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 4
        39. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 3
        40. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 2
        41. Last 16 Knockout Round - Match 1
        42. Liegt Obama over de dood van Osama?
        43. Leave the site closed!!! 100 votes needed to leave the site down...
        44. Legyen 煤j id艖pont?
        45. L c贸 n锚n quay l岷 v峄沬 N ko
        46. Lakes vs Hornets prediction....
        47. Last time out we asked you which Canadian player you expected to lead the way on the PGA Tour money list. This time is the LPGA Tour鈥檚 turn. So, which of the following will lead the way among Canucks on the Tour earnings list by the conclusion of the 2011 season:
        48. Labyrinth
        49. Lunch is on Mike this Friday! Where should it be?
        50. Let your opinion be heard. Vote for your favorite of the two signs or you may vote neither.
        51. Lets get down to business! The next contest should be...?
        52. Looking back on the season for the Cats, are you happy with the results?
        53. Last poll was ballot-stuffed. NEW POLL. Same Question. (Okay. So for the first part of "Choose My Adventure - WoW". Faction? I already have servers picked out. ) So you can make an educated vote - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/race/
        54. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
        55. Let us know which color youd prefer for a T-shirt.
        56. Lazee - Im Not Pop [Official Music Video]
        57. Logo Voting, Round 2.
        58. Leveltr.com un 陌lk 艦ubesini hangi 艦ehrimize a莽mam谋z谋 istersiniz ?
        59. Lee Travis & The Bounty Hunters vs. The Eason Duo
        60. Let Victor in?
        61. Late Comer Award
        62. L-a牛i mai vota primar al Clujului pe Emil Boc, dac膬 ar candida 卯n 2012?
        63. Leasing Life March poll: What is the best form of lending for SMEs?
        64. las 3 mas votadas van para las que sacaremos primero :) & las demas pues ya despues :P
        65. Lets say your friend was cheating on their spouse. What would you do if you knew your friend was cheating?
        66. Let us know your feedback for iCE-N, the monthly newsletter for CE-N, India.
        67. Location for THUBIO 2011 Reunion Poll
        68. Looking For Ms. Locklear
        69. La prostituzione 猫 un mestiere indegno?
        70. Living Space Award
        71. La mamarriatas del a帽o
        72. LOYOLA U. Lip dub video song choices:
        73. Legit Cutest Boy In Vhs North.
        74. Le Model Masculin 2011 ?
        75. Liv Boeree (10 being the best)
        76. Leo Margets (10 being the best)
        77. Leeann Tweeden (10 being the best)
        78. Layla Kayleigh (10 being the best)
        79. Lacey Jones (10 being the best)
        80. LR! AWARDS 2010 - ORO
        81. Leasing Life Poll: Who will be the winners in leasing in 2011?
        82. LR! AWARDS 2010 - Hinchada m谩s boluda del a帽o
        83. Least Relevant Picture Posts
        84. LR! AWARDS 2010 - Trapo del a帽o
        85. LR! AWARDS 2010 - Mejor dt del a帽o
        86. LR! AWARDS 2010 - Bochorno del a帽o
        87. LR! AWARDS 2010 - Momento Cappa del a帽o
        88. LR! AWARDS 2010 - Equipo grande venido a menos
        89. Lesercito italiano deve disporre di armi nucleari?
        90. LR! AWARDS 2010 - VENDEHUMO DEL A脩O
        91. LR! AWARDS 2010 - DT INTERINO DEL A脩O
        92. LR! AWARDS 2010 - MOMENTO DI脡! DEL A脩O
        93. LR! AWARDS 2010 - MEJOR JUGADOR
        94. LR! AWARDS 2010 - PEOR EQUIPO
        95. LR! AWARDS 2010 - PAPEL脫N DE CARUSO
        96. LaPush Coven: Do you agree with the Marriage of Jacob and Nessie?
        97. LR! AWARDS 2010 - MEJOR EQUIPO
        98. Lieblingsort in Thailand
        99. La Intranet le ha servido como una herramienta de trabajo que facilita el desarrollo de sus actividades y que dispone de informaci贸n confiable?
        100. Lateral stability of an aircraft lies on its:
        101. Leeann Tweeden or Isabelle Mercier
        102. Leo Margets or Courtney Friel
        103. Like to see more of (choose all that apply)
        104. Laat me weten waar jullie allemaal WEL interesse in hebben:(Het is mogelijk om meerdere vakken aan te kruisen)
        105. L ALBERO PIU... 猫:
        106. Let jij op de houdbaarheidsdatum van je haarproducten?
        107. Landriscina del a帽o
        108. Le gusta el actual alumbrado de Cali?
        109. Let me say...
        110. List 2 - Toughest opponent in NOVEMBERs LPPL Mini league.....?
        111. List 1 - Toughest opponent in NOVEMBERs LPPL Mini league.....?
        112. Let op! Je kan maar 1 keer stemmen. Je mag in je keuze wel meerdere films aankruisen.
        113. Legjobb akkusztikus verzi贸
        114. Listed below are the 15 cabinet-level departments of the federal government. Select one department that you feel could be eliminated as a way to reduce the size of the government.
        115. Legyen ICL-en FIFA verseny, 茅s ha igen, akkor milyen konzolon?
        116. LONGOBARDA FC riuscir脿 a vincere questa giornata?
        117. Lekker es una palabra en Holand茅s que hace referencia a todo lo que te gusta, todo lo que te parece riqu铆simo. Que es aquello SuperLekker que m谩s te gusta?
        118. Level 3 football playoff game who do you like Northwestern at Baldwin-Woodville?
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